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Why did you start Aquerone?

After crossing an ocean back to the homeland and seeing the wonders of the legalized market, we started Aquerone to shed light on a plant unjustifiably tainted with shame and ignorance. Coming from California, we were shocked to hear people in Europe tell us that Cannabis isn’t “classy”, an outdated stereotype that only brings harm to our society. Out of our studio in the heart of Paris, we curated a collection of the best CBD and lifestyle accessories from around the world to bring opulence back to plant based healing. We are living in uncertain times with an unprecedented need for self-care and a new narrative around mental health. Consuming consciously today isn't easy but it is necessary for our society to progress and use mother nature's gifts with the same care she used to make them! For more about our brand and our values, check out our manifesto here.

How do you choose your products? We carefully vet our products through the following methodology: 1. Is this product design-centric?

Each of our products should appeal to an aesthetically-minded and high-vibrational consumer, combining both functional and beautiful design practices.

2. Is the product made to last?

Will this be a product that can last for years on end without needing to be replaced?

3. Is it made of sustainable materials and packaging?

Minimum use of plastics and efforts made for ethical packaging, with 100% natural consumable products with little or no additives.

4. Does this product come from a woman owned, BIPOC or community minded source?

The founders and values of the company care about your wellbeing, bring diversity or care about giving back to the community.

5. Does this product help users orient towards a healthier way of life?

Our products should help uncouple tobacco and sacred plant, move towards combustion free methods when possible or orient users towards more health, creativity, connectedness and openness.

Can I work for your company?

We are always looking for brilliant talent and wellness connaisseurs! Please get in touch with us here.

Can I feature my products on your store?

We are always looking for new, sustainable and innovative products for the Aquerone universe. We will assess your products based on the above criteria. As an emerging industry, we try to give as much support as we can to young brands through marketing and strategy consulting. Please reach out to us at

Can I design a product for you?

Yes! We are always open to collaborations and partnerships. Please reach out to us at