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A French grinder artisanally crafted with love

Sustainable Practices
Artisan Made
Made in France
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Created with the "flaneur" lifestyle in mind and a contemplative approach to life, Le Flaneur by Cordier is the first 13 piece grinder with true french "Art de Vivre". Modeled after the ubiquitous helix, it's a true innovation to the world of grinding. The Cordier lifestyle brings passion and beauty back to modern life. Check out the Features to the right for all the details.


Patented slicing helix
Adaptable for both flower and resin, the concave and convex structure provides maximum surface area

Rotating perfection
The frictionless gesture creates a smooth sensation that even arthritis and medicinal patients can maneuver

Lifetime guaranteed
The surgical grade stainless steel system never dulls, thus zero risk of residue and toxic particle contamination

High design style
Rot-resistant Moabi wood is carefully selected for its rich red color and texture

Nothing goes to waste
The three-piece screen allows for an optimized collection of kief (CBD trichomes) which can then be used to sprinkle where you please

100% Artisanal
Made and Assembled by hand in a 50 km radius in Brittany, France, each unique grinder takes a full two days to craft

Safe Storage
The hidden chamber holds up to 3g of flower

Travel Secure
A European cotton travel bag is included for safe transport

Easy Cleaning
Perfect for deep cleaning and preserving the Slicing Helix™ grinding mechanism, use the brass bristled cleaning brush regularly to maintain its integrity

Medical grade stainless-steel, moabi wood
  • Carefully open your new treasure
  • Display it on your favorite tray
  • Open the top housing and place your sacred plants inside
  • Close the lid
  • Gracefully turn the grinding mechanism until all debris falls into the catch basin
  • Twist off the lower basin and release your materials onto your tray
  • Place your perfectly ground plants into your favorite consumption device and enjoy
  • Hand wipe the exterior and use a small brush to delicately clean inside the grinding mechanism
All the elements

In the

What comes with your new favorite object.
  • 1 Le Flâneur grinder
  • 1 Brass cleaning brush
  • 1 Thick cotton travel bag
  • 2 Packages of Cordier rolling papers
  • 1 Collectors box
Product FAQ


Why should I stop using the plastic grinder I got for free in Amsterdam (or some other negligent store)?

When grinders are made out of cheap materials like plastic, they break down easily and leave microparticles in your sacred plant mixture. We have even heard stories of not-so-micro pieces of plastic falling making their way into a joint! Do your lungs a favor and invest in a proper grinder that you can keep for more than a few months.

Are Aluminium grinders safe?

Though they are certainly better than plastic grinders, we recommend investing in a brass or stainless steel grinder if you can afford it.

Le Flâneur

Le Flâneur

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