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Tahoe OG CBD Vape Cartridge (0.5ML)
Tahoe OG CBD Vape Cartridge (1ML)
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The OG of CBD vaping

Sustainable Practices
Made in France
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Third Eye Cannabinoids's Tahoe OG CBD Vape cartridge is the perfect choice for those who want true Cannabis flavor from an authentic heirloom stain. Formulated with plant-derived Tahoe OG terpenes with notes of earthy pine and lemon, this CBD vaping blend is perfect for calm and relaxation (just like a true Indica). Third Eye Cannabinoids sources premium quality CBD distillate in Italy. The ceramic vaping cartridges are tested for heavy metals and ensure a pure taste experience.

Full spectrum hemp distillate ( 50%CBD, 7.2%CBC, 4.4%CBN, 1.9%CBG, or 64% total cannabinoids), terpine blend
  • Carefully open your new treasure
  • Remove the rubber tips from the Third Eye Cannabinoid's cartridge
  • Screw the cartridge into your usual 510 thread battery
  • Inhale steadily (not too hard or fast) for 2 to 3 seconds keeping the vapors in your mouth
  • Inhale a little more oxygen and swallow the vapors into your lungs
  • Hold the vapors in your lungs for 3 to 5 seconds
  • Exhale and let the wave of relaxation rush over you
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Product FAQ


Is CBD vaping the same as a classic E-cigarette?

No. The main difference between a classic E-cigarette and a CBD oil vape is that the CBD cartridge systems use pure CBD oils without any nicotine or thinners like PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine). Though both are very commonly used, we are not personally comfortable putting PG in our lungs. Thus, we don't want to sell it to you either! This is why you will never see it on our site! However, if your current electronic cigarette uses a 510 thread adapter, our universal cartridges will certainly still work.

Why don't I see very much smoke, what's going on?

If you are used to a classic E-cig with a PG/VG solution, you will see much less smoke. CBD vaping cartridges are not suited for making big vapor clouds or rings (We can help you come up with a better party trick if that was your favorite one ;) !).

Are the vaping cartridges refillable?

Though some cartridges are unscrewable and technically refillable, we don't recommend refilling more than one or two times. The refilled cartridge gets clogged and stops working quickly, especially with thick oils. When this happens you may end up wasting product! We admit this is our biggest problem with oil vaping. The suppliers who popularized this format were not focused on sustainability for the first few years of legalization. This is now changing, and we are hopeful that a more sustainable way to vape oils will emerge in the upcoming years.

Are you sure CBD is safe to vaporize? I heard people died from vaping cannabis products and I'm still a bit scared.

CBD and Cannabis oils are 100% safe to vape as long as they are pure (meaning they only contain CBD or Cannabis oils and terpenes for flavor). Any time a vape cartridge is thinned with another product, you should stay away! The deaths that occurred a few years ago were due to the use of Vitamin-E acetate. Vitamin E acetate is a thinning agent used on the Illegal market. Vaping products make up about 20% of revenues in legalized states in the US. There have not been any deaths (since cannabis itself is not lethal). Another great reason to legalize in case you weren't already convinced.

Tahoe OG CBD Vape Cartridge

Tahoe OG CBD Vape Cartridge

Third Eye Cannabinoid
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We know true plant lovers when we see them. Third Eye Cannabinoids was founded by Baptise and Léo, two sacred plant and spiritual healing experts. Their mission is make the world a more harmonious place through the highest quality CBD and hemp products.
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